Transportation by car carriers

UAB KRADIS manages the total fleet of 30 car carrier trailers. Each year the fleet is renewed and new trailers are added. All the car carrier trailers are equipped with the satellite navigation systems (GPS) which allow us to provide quick and accurate information about the cargo location to our clients. In our company work highly qualified employees, we periodically organize driver qualification development and training courses, the drivers know the standards and rules of cargo securing, transportation and up-loading/un-loading control and supervision.

We deliver the cargo “from-door-to-door” in order to guarantee the quality of the work entrusted to us. All our transported cars are insured according to the international CMR Convention requirements for the sum of 600 000 EUR each.

Retail trade in used cars

UAB KRADIS provides everybody looking for a used car with the possibility to find it in our advertisement database. With the help of our search engines you will be able to see the desired car, to find out its price and technical specifications, to understand the deal requirements and to find out the leasing possibilities and options.

We have a huge experience in selling used cars; therefore, can offer you a professional advice, can help you to obtain the car we have on sale, and can find your desired car meeting the supplied specifications.

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